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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Together, we can fight the fight
Joint discussion thread: episodes 33 and 34 
28th-Nov-2009 12:01 pm
Sorry I never posted the discussion thread last week! My sister came home from college for Thanksgiving break that day and we've been really busy. So here is a joint discussion post for Episode 33: Out of the Void and Episode 34: Back in Black (which hasn't aired yet in my area... two and a half more hours :-/)

I was going to post a theory I had for episode 33, but then when I was looking up the titles on TV.com I saw the synopsis ep 34 and saw that I was right. Whoo?
29th-Nov-2009 10:23 pm (UTC)
I'm super pissed because stupid Kase is back, what the hell?! I hope that she doesn't become Kamen Rider Siren again because Maya is awesome and Kase freaking sucks. I have a question, though-- how was the Advent Master able to get her out of the Advent Void without her Advent Deck? I assumed he was able to get Kit out with the Onyx Deck. I had also assumed that the reason Brad (or Brad's counterpart) and Chris weren't brought out of the Void was because Xaviax has their decks. But then they bring KASE out?! That's not fair! Everyone was so upset that Chris got vented and they were all vowing to get him out and stuff, but now it's like they forgot him, and that makes me mad!! Grr.

Sorry, I'll try to keep my complaining to a minimum. I thought the eps were really cool apart from that. I LOVED "Out of the Void," and I'm super stoked that I guessed right about Kit being made Kamen Rider Onyx while Adam still has the Dragon Deck (my family and I were all sitting around theorizing and being proud of ourselves, and then it turned out that it was on TV.com all along...). I also thought that they did the Adam/Kit interactions really well. And bravo to Stephen Lunsford on playing both parts!
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